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Parminder unit 6 ENGLAND RULE

The Evaluation of Skills DevelopmentAfter completing my skills and Development portfolio and also producing the final major project, there were a lot of things that had went well.

My strengths:
All the filming produced for the The job was relevant and proved that our film was like a film trailer. This was by doing research and findind out what a trailer is all about we had a lot of footage that was good for our film trailer. We used a lot of ideas from other films.
There were also a lot of shots that proved our film is a gangster film trailer, as a film trailer we focused more on the music and filming so it would be fast like a trailer on a typical gangster film. The shots taken behind the school huts, which were captured like Parminder stamping on charans face this proved the fact that he had got kicked in the face and is hurt. I also think that my filming for all the shot I had done were very good to the fact that I didn’t take anything serious to do with getting beaten up but other wise I had taken the filming and acting part for the trailer a little bit more serious. The shots that were taken were actuall shot of parts of the film and the character were looking really angry with strong facial expressions and willing to beat some one up or kill someone before something bad happenes to one of them, this is because the character doesn’t seem worried about the other gang member coming to beat eachother up.
The music was chosen by charan, and me and satvinder had given the approvel that I is ok so we had the put the music. The music was kind of rock fast music which was quite good for our film trailer. The music throught the trailer had went well with the shot that had been taken and as a group we thought that the music was great. This had created the audience to jump because of the bang of the the beginning of the film trailer. The music had also proved that there is going to be war and it proved to be effective, as it would make the viewer feel like “what is going on”. The music was suited for the film trailer. There are parts of the trailer that needed a little improvement.

The Weaknesses are:
We haven’t yet included a Touchstone pictures logo, to illustrate that our film is produced by Touchstone pictures. Also the voiceover explained that what people thought of our trailer and what you would expect in our Film trailer which has now been improved and finished.

Completing the final major project due to the media lessons my skills have been improved. The Final major project was all filming. I had made good use of the camera to film our production . This increased my understanding of how to use a camera and how to film well which now my camera skill have developed well. After the filming was finished we had to edit our production, which I was qiute sure off how to do it, but I had learnt more things than I had learned before like fading the music out and doing an audio check I had also learnt from other students in our media class on how to edit in which my editing skills had developed.

My logging skills were also improved by logining our footage that we had captured and put on the computer. I had done it a lot before so my skill had developed and now I know how to log properly.In media lessons I had developed my publisher skills. This had to do with Mr Monro’s magazine work which I had to produce a magazine on microsoft publisher. I had got help from other students and and teachers on publisher and I was able to use it well and produce a good magazone.
Due to the work on representation, institutions and magazine work and misrepresentation, my annotating skills had developed by annotating newspapers and collating research. My annotating skill has increased. My power point skills improved, My group work has improved a lot this is to do with different coursework tasks that I did. I had worked well in groups to collect and collate research.

Working independently has improved for me. This is because of all the independent work that I carried out.

I will look back on my hard working achievements, by continuing to develop my skills in lessons and working hard in lessons.By Parminder

Satti's Unit 6- England all da way

What Went Well?
I think the entire unit went well. Especially the filming and the editing. It was very enjoyable and fun this was because we listened to each other and agreed before hand what we were going to film and when. We all got turns to film and act also I think the planning went well, this is because there wasn’t a misunderstanding between any of us while we was filming and editing.
The editing went well because we all got turns to edit, and from our video production before we knew all the edit shots like, a cross dissolve for example. The editing was also made easier because again like the filming we had made a plan before hand; we had already chosen the music that we wanted to play.

What Are My Strengths?
I think I had quite a few strengths carried over from the video production before. These strengths were acting, editing and filming.
I think my acting strengths were there because I had some good reviews in the film which I first acted in so this gave me confidence, and I also knew the role I had to play in this film, so I think this was another strength for my Acting.
I already knew how to film before I came on this course but, throughout the year I picked up more skills in filming because I have learned many different shots. I think this helped me with my filming and this also gave me confidence on my filming, for example, when I had to film a scene, I knew to use a low-angle shot. I think this was my strength in Filming.
At the start of the year I knew nothing about editing, but then when we done our first video production, I picked up a few skills. I carried this onto this production and I also learnt quite a few more Editing skills like how to put the music on the scenes and also how to do a voice over. Editing isn’t my best skill but, I think I do have some Editing skills and these are something like where to put a cross-dissolve or a fade for example.

How Have I Developed My Skills over The FMP And Over The Whole Year?

I have developed my skills a lot over the FMP and the whole year. These have been: Filming Skills, Editing Skills, Acting Skills, Presentation Skills, Independence Skills, Group Work Skills, Computer Programme Skills and Organisation Skills.
My Filming Skills have improved over the year and throughout this course. As I said before, I have learned many different shots. This has helped me improve my filming skills because now I will recognise a Birds-eye shot, or a long-shot, or any other shot when I see one.
My Editing Skills have also improved over the year and throughout this course. Again, As I sad before, at the start of the year I knew nothing about editing, but then when we done our first video production, I picked up a few skills. I carried this onto this production and I also learnt quite a few more Editing skills like how to put the music on the scenes and also how to do a voice over. I didn’t even know that films had to be edited before they came out. This shows that I’ve learnt throughout the year. When I first had to edit, I was very nervous that I might to something wrong and destroy the work. I also didn’t know what Programme we had to use. But now I know all of this and I have picked up a decent skill that I never had before.
At the Start of the Year, I knew how to act but I didn’t think I would be confident enough to act in-front of a camera. My first piece of acting was in our first Video Production Gone. In Gone, I played the role of a boy who felt guilty that he and his friend had committed a robbery and a murder. Then the boy (me), explained to his friend that the Police had found out what they’d done and they both started to panic and in the end the friend killed his other friend (me). After this I had a few complements given to my acting, from this point onwards, my morale boosted up and now I am Confident to act and I know that I have the acting skill, although not of a professional.
At the start of the year, I didn’t have any confidence to stand in-front of a class and present my work. As the year progressed, so did my confidence. My presentation confidence’ main point of confidence was in the Magazine section, because this is where I got critised the most for my confidence; I got critised because I didn’t speak loud enough. The 2nd time around, I had praise for my presentation and this is where I got my presentation Skills from. Although, next year it’ll be harder because it’ll be a much bigger class with much more students and a lot more pressure.
I had Independence skills, but they have improved throughout the year, now I’ve got more confidence to go and do the work assigned to me on my now, and now I also understand the work better. This I a skill that will help me in the future like university.
I had group work skills, and this year just helped me improve them. Now I can receive criticism and praise where as, before I couldn’t do this.
At the start of the year, I knew a lot about computer programmes, I just didn’t know about Microsoft Publisher because I didn’t think it would be any use to me. In the Magazine section, I had to use Microsoft publisher and I start I struggled a lot, because I didn’t know how to use the programme but then I learnt from a classmate and from then on it’s been easy to use and less complicated. Because I learnt how to design the thing that I want to do on Publisher.
My organisation skills have improved hugely. At the Start of the year I didn’t have any orgasantion skills. I couldn’t even get my bag organised and I was flickering through it, I didn’t know which work was which and I always got my work out 10 minutes into the lesson and sometimes in was the wrong piece. The papers had scruffs all over them and I sometimes didn’t even used to do my homework. And even when I did do it, I couldn’t find it because my bag was so scruffy. But the one day Mr Bush helped me organise myself and from that day on I started to improve my organisation skills immensely and now I can figure out which work is which teachers because I have a folder. These skills will be key in A-levels and University, so it’s a good thing that I picked these skills up now.

How could I go about devolving my skills further?
I will look back, on the work that I’ve achieved, and continue to develop my skills and work hard in lessons.

How Could I Go about Monitor My Achievements?
I will look back, on the work that I’ve achieved, and continue to develop my skills and work hard in lessons.

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Charan's part 6 the evaluation skills development

Part 6 the evaluation skills development
What went well?

What I feel that went well was the filming. The filming was really fun and enjoyable. We took a lot of different shots for example pan, tilt, medium, long and short shots this gave me more camera angles to learn which I did not no of before. I really like the locations which where really good we had thought of locations that no one had thought of before we had used locations like alleyways which we had found near the school. The alleyways are normally where people cut threw streets to get threw another street but an alleyway can be also be used for a place of violence because in a alleyways there are no witnesses which leads the victim to believe that there is no where out. This is exactly what we where trying to make our audience believe. What I also like was the scene which we had satvinder in a room and he was throwing the money up in the air .We wanted to show that satvinder was a gang boss and he was extremely powerful and really rich I think that we have successfully have shown satvinder as being a powerful gangster boss.

What are your strengths?

My strengths I would say that I happen to be very hard working specially when it comes to filming, because what I wont to be is a film director and with film directors they normally like to take control of the situation. We done so many different camera angles that we wanted the audience to see the actors in different positions. When the audience looks at our film they can see the mise-en-scene this means what is exactly in the shot .for example when me and parminder have a fight scene in the alleyway you can see exactly what’s in the scene grass on the side of the pathway rubbish on the ground graffiti on the walls so I would that I have shown all the typical conventions there is to show in a fight scene so I would count that as being one of my strengths. What I really like is when me, satvinder and parminder all work in a team we get to share out ideas and get to express ourselves in our work we work like a team and we are all great friends so me working in a team I would say is a very good strength to have.

What are your weaknesses?

One of my weaknesses I would say is my puncation and grammar, which sometimes I forget to use. It has been one of big weakness in my work and it normally affected my work and my grade but I have been trying my best to improve my puncation and grammar by proof reading my work. My other weakness are my lack of knowledge of the adobe premier I mean I no how to edit but they are certain thing that parminder knows more then me so what I need to do is start to download adobe premier on my computer so I can learn all the editing equipment on the computer. My other weakness, which is that when to much work is given to me I start to work very slow and don’t start to put effort in my work this is normally from my lack of time management I don’t use my time wisely I have now learnt that in order to get certain things done you need to have enough time to get all your work finished.

How have you developed your skills over the fmp and over the whole year?

My skills have developed rapidly I never knew I could learn so much in such a short amount of time. When I first entered the course I did not no nothing about media didn’t even know how to compare movie genre with one another movie genre. When we started our first coursework we had to learn all these new words these words that we have learnt we have been using these words ever since these are the key media terminology

Iconography is more then one thing which iconic a victim a gun and a gangster.
Conventions are what you expect to see in a film for example if it romance you expect to see flowers and chocolates.
Iconic images are only thing, which you expect to see in a film if it was a romcom, and then we would expect to see sexual comedy.
Tag line is when you look at film poster it will tell you a brief description of what the movie is about.
Masthead is the title of a magazine.
Strap line is writing in front of the magazine, which tells you what going to be in the magazine.
Central image is the main image in the front cover, which would tell you what the main story of the magazine.
Credit block is what see at the end of a film trailer or at the bottom of a film poster it just tells you who was involved in the film.
Narrative tells you what the movie is all about.
Pug is a star or a shape, which has writing inside of information about competitions of exiting features insides.
Caption is a small strap line underneath the masthead.
Secondary Images is a smaller picture then the central image which has the little stories that are not that important as the main story.
Diegetic sound is the sound added on the scene.
Non-diegestic sound is the natural sound which as been recording with the scene.
Price is how the magazine or the film is worth.
Barcode is show that it is original and not fake and also if you scan it you can.

As you can see I have learnt a lot but I always feel that there is always more to learn with out these new words my work would not be relevant to my coursework these words have help me to explain my work. With my final major project me satvinder and parminder where always interested in doing a gangster genre we feel that we have learnt more on the gangster genre because we watch more gangster movies then any other genre.

How could you go about developing your skills further?

I can develop my skills further by asking for help from the teacher when I don’t understand the work. Sometimes I feel that I do understand the work but its sometimes its hard to write down on a piece of paper .I can develop my skills further by doing more summary notes and actually revising from those summary notes so I understand the work fully. I can make flash card of key media terminology words so I know the key media terminology words off by heart. If I feel that i, m starting to struggle in class I can make study session with other people who feel that they are struggling in class so we can all revises together. I can always update my blog which I have on the internet which is called the desi_boys me parminder and satvinder put all our media work in there so other people can learn from what we have learnt from our teachers.

How would you monitor your achievements?

I would monitor my achievements as being good but I feel that it is not good enough I have set certain standards for myself which I feel that I have not yet achieved specially when it come to editing. I feel that editing happens to be one of challenging area of media which I have not fully yet experienced enough of. Don’t get me wrong I have learnt a lot and also have achieved a lot and i, m grateful of that but I feel that I want to learn so much more about editing because I find it amazing how you manipulate the movie by cutting it, cropping it, adding fades and also importing music on to the actual scene, I find it very interesting. So has my final evaluation for my skills development and for my whole course I think work is very good but I would like to make it even better.

By Charankamal Kandora

Word count: 1,382

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My progress report(~_~)your comupter has a low memory just like you -----by charan 20/6/06

Im now doing my devolpment portfolio which is section five of my final majour project. I have finished my movie now all i have to do is copy it on to a blank cd.
Im actually doing another independent project for mrs williams which is to film her students speaking in german and then edit it on the comupter.I have to finished it in the next two weeks because she has to send the cd to germany because there is another class in germany who are learning english and they are going to send there cd to england.

Well tommoror i have to go mrs williams lesson and film the children i hope that i can get all of them finished in the next two weeks because i want to start editing soon as possible so i can get this mimi movie finished it.It should all last around about 2 to 3 mins long.

Progress report .............Parminder.................

What I have achieved I have finished all my work on the transition work for primary schools and I have done all my the changes and all I am waiting for is the approval from Mr Bush for my production and I think that I have nearly finished it.

I have actually contributed all my spare time in to this production working independently and I have got the job done.

What I am going to do next
I am actually going to get the approval from Mr bush and hopefully finish all the work so it ready for Mr Scott to se on Wednesday so I am going to work hard and se what changes I can actually make to make the production look good on the big screen.

Progress Report-Satti<<<<>>>>

Contributions: My contributions have been filming, acting, editing and much more I have contributed to the ideas, my other contributions have been finishing off my storyboards.

Achievements: I have achieved a lot in this section like Editing better, understanding the storyboards better, I found filming easier and I knew all the shots to do, I also achieved finding spare time to do filming.

What I plan to do next: Next I paln to do my self-evaluation and sum up the the whole course for what I done this year.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Development Portfolio by>>........ : ) Parminder..............

The Development portfolio

The skills I have developed during this hole part of this course:

Research skills (Misrepresentation, Repesentation, institutions Film and genre, and movie conventions.)
My research skills are very good because I had done a lot of research for all my different genres and all the different filom conventions.

Annotating skills (Misrepresentation, film conventions)

I have learnt how to annotate things like a magazine and a piece of text.
Logging skills (Film productions)
I have done all my progress work on to my my blog which is me logging all my work on to my blog.

Powerpoint (Magazine work, Representation)
I had used powerpoint for some of my work which I had made a presentation for my work.
Presentations (Representation, film conventions, magazine work) Camera skills (Film work)
I have done presentations for Mr Monro, Mr Bush and Mrs Dol for some of my courseworks.

Storyboarding (Film productions)
I have done storyboarding for all my film production which one of them was GONE and the other is the one I am working on at the moment which is The Job.

Group work (Representation, institutions)

I have worked in a group in every class of media I have had since the start of the year for class work and major projects and for coursework.

Independent work
I have also done work that I had to do on my own like coursework and classwork.

I learnt how to use publisher ( Magazine work)

At the beginning of the year I didn’t even know how to use publisher properly like all the different kinds of things and now I have used it and produced a magazine cover.

Editing skills ( Film productions)
I actually didn’t know how to edit in the begginning of the year and as the months and weeks went by I had got better and better at editing and now I am working on a big school project of transition for a primary school opening evening which I am only half way threw and I got a lot more to do.

Filming skills (Film productions)
I have been doing a lot of filming for my productions and now I am building up on my filming skills by going out and filming all the different kinds of primary schools.

Word processing
I have used word for all my work that needed typing and I had used it for all my coursework.

Things I've Learnt:

I've learnt how to improve my presentaion skills this is by getting more feedback from the teachers and boosting my confedince. I have also learnt has been how to improve my organisation skills, because I had done my work and handed it in on time but sometimes it wasn’t in detail and now all my homework is more detailed and better than before.

I have also used a lot of programmes which I had never used before such as Publisher for Mr Monro for our magazine work and I have also used adobe priemier 1.5 progamme for all my productions in this progamme and I have learnt how to do editing and how to place the scenes ino the correct places and now I am a profressional self independent person who can do professional editing.

The Devolpment Portfolio """"""""come on brazil""""""""by charan

skills which i have developed

  • publisher(magazine unit)
  • presenation skills(magazine unit,)
  • comupter skills(publisher,powerpoint,microsoft excel)
  • teamwork skills (film production)
  • camera skills (film production)
  • annoting skills (research skills)
  • research skills(gener work)
  • editing skills (film production)
  • blogging skills (comupter skills)
  • pre production skills (planning)
  • music skills(video production)
  • storyboarding(video production)

publisher skills i used to create a magazine front cover with mr munro it was really easy but finding pictures which can fit easily on publisher was hard.

presenation skills my presenation skills i think have really improved like now use dividers in my folders which makes my folder look organised.i have done also powerpoint presenations which makes my work look very professional.

comupter skills my comupter skills have improved a lot i now use diffrent programmes to help with my work like microsoft word,microsoft exel,microsoft publisher and microsoft powerpoint.

teamwork skills my teamwork skills have been used for when we make our film production. we act like a team and we get the job done i have been working in a team with two movies "soul survivour" and "the job".

camera skills the camera skills which i have done are extrem close up ,medium shot, long shot and pan.

annoting skills i have been annoting films for my film production i have also been looking at how my research can be easily explained so i decied to do annoting writing notes which makes it simple for me.

research skills my research skills have improved a lot because i now use more of the comupter and the internet and also the libary to help with my research.

editing skills my editing skills have improved a lot it is now more easy for me to edit a film by cutting it croping it and rendering it.

blogging skills i have improved a lot all the research that i do go on my blog also i do my evelations on my blog and it shows my daily improvement in the course.

pre-production skills i have improved a lot i get to plan my ideas before i actually go and create the movie.

music skills my music skills i think are really good i can research diffrent types of music that go with diffrent types of shots for example if one shot was about fighting then i will go for more of fast aggresive type of music

storyboarding skills my storyboarding skills have been really good i can plan the story before i go and film it and if i wont to change anything i can do it when im planning my work.


Part5: The Devolpment Portfolio
Things I've Learnt: Thoughout this year I've learnt how to improve my presentaion skills this is by getting more feedback from the teachers and boosting my confedince. An example of his was when at the start of the year we had to do a practice presentation for Mr Munro on Magazines, I was very shy, nervous and confused. But, at the 2nd time, I was alot more confident and Mr Munro and my classmates gave me a postive feedback by saying you done much better then last time and you were more confident, less confused and shy.
Anthoer thing I've learnt has been how to improve my organisation skills, at the start of the year my organisation was really poor, and I never used to do homework or when I was searching for my things, I couldn't find them because my bag was stuffed with papers and I didn't know which work was which because it wasn't put in a neat folder or labled or I even sometimes forgot my pen.
I've learnt how to use Microsoft Publisher in this course, in publisher, I learnt how to use all the proper functions such as putting all the pictures and the information in the correct place.
I've also learnt how to use the adobe priemier 1.5 progamme. In this progamme I've learnt how to do editing and how to place the scenes ino the correct places.
Throughought this year I've learnt how to work more independently and work with more confidence and I've also learnt how to cope with a bit more pressure.
I've also learn how to work better in a group and I've learnt how to comprise better with my other students and I've also learnt how to share my ideas and also listen to others and give and recive critisim and praise.
PRESENTATION: I learnt to improve my presentation skills in the Magazine section, this was where I got my confidence for presentatins and from here on my confidence got boosted because of the feedback I got.
ORGANSATION SKILLS: At the statrt of the year, my organastion was poor and Mr Bush helped me improve my organstion skills this was the main place where I improved my organastion and got to understand the work easier because before all the papers were scraped all around and my understanding of the work was hard because I couldn't find the correct work so when I got organised, it was easier to find and understand the work.
Publisher Skills: For publisher I've learnt how to use the progamme, this was in he Magazine section, I learnt how to put up the correct functions in the correc places.
Adobe Priemiere; For adobe priemiere I learnt how to edit, and how to place the scenes in t
he correct place this was in the Video Production section.
Independent Work: My Independent work has improved highly since I came to this course this was in all the courses combined. At the start of the course , I had hardly indepeandence and I wasn't confident on doing all the work on my own because I sometimes I asked for help but now I am more confident and can do all the work on my own.
Group Work: My group work has also improved, I've learnt how t o comprimise with my classmates and share and recieve ideas. I've also given and got critisim and prasie for ideas and work.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Charan's Progress Report 24/5/06---mooooooooo

We have just finished the fight scene and i think it went really well.
just finished filming we have up load all of our filming on to the comupter and have been editing .we have been editing the film by cuting and croping the scenes we have also put video transitions such as cut and fade in it .

we are considering on puting over a voice over for our film trailer to follow
the typical coventions that you would see in the film trailer we are very near to completing our work we have had know prolblems so far with our work and we hope to keep it that way.

Sati Progress Report 24/5/06<<>>

We have finished all of our filming and we have also done our editing, we used the typical convetions of a gangster genre. We done a variety of different scenes like a introduction scene, when we all had shots taken of us. We also done a fight scene this was Charan and Parminder getting in a fight with each other and they showed thier hatred for each other in the fight. The other scene was showing Sati and his "office". Then at the end there was a final montage which showed all the scenes in reverse, this was done by Parminder.
Overall, I was delighted with our film trailer and the teams performance because we all dedicated a lot to the group. I think everyone worked thier hardest and I also think that this is an excellent film trailer and hopefully we'll get good grades for it.

Parminder progress report 24/06

I had done all our logging for our group which had took a very long time because we had quite a lot of footage and I had to take the camera home and finish it and Charan and Sati had done the first 10 shots and I had finished it. So at least I know that they had had experience and I wasn't taking all the credict for it and I think we are doing well as a group
and achieving everything together on time and as we want our production to be.
I think there are a few things that need improving for our production like mixing
up all the shots

Parminder progress report 24/06

Parminder progress report 18/05

We have finished all our filming we have used all the typical conventions that we see in gangster film trailers.
Now we have to start editing. We did a fight scene with Parminder and charan which was really good we made it look real the fight scene is going to show that Parminder and charan actually hate eachother because you can tell the way we are contioniously fighting eacheother.
I am particularly happy with me and my groups performance which I think was great because everyone had contributed there ideas to everyone and the we used everyones idea to come up with what we got quite a good film trailer.
I think that we had done this to the best of our ability with all our ideas and thoughts

Thursday, May 11, 2006

My progress report 2>>11/05/06<< by charan

Today we have achieved some of our goals we first did Profile shots,medium shots ,close ups and extreme close ups of me and parminder and satvinder

Today weather was really good the lighing that we wanted for our film trailer was good we got a lot of work done so that was really good .

we still have to do the fight scene i think in the next three to four days we will be finished because we are doing a film trailer which is going to last atleast 2 mins long .

Parminder Progress report

What I have achieved

I have achieved in the past few days I have finished my storyboards and I had also done getting in our props and also planning what we had to film and also we had done a few profile shots of Parminder and Satvinder and I had also posted up my old storyboards and my new storyboards on to the blog so that it is visible for our whole group to see and people who visit our blog and also don't forget we had done all this to make MR BUSH him happy.

We are going to be doing the rest of our filming hopefully and finish it before the end of the two weeks are up that we have for our deadline

Progress Reaport <<<>>>

Last week my contributions were, finshing off my storyboards, planning what to film, brinnining in my props and getting shots done of me. I also contributed to posting up my storyboards on the blog.

What I plan to do next Lesson:
In the next few lessons, I hope to finshing off the filming, do the log sheets and finish off the Editing, and I also hope to start Editing the Primary School footage.

My Achievements were basically the same as my contributions which were finshing off my storyboards, planning what to film, brigging in my props, and getting shots done of me and finally, I also achieved posting up my stoaryboards onto the blog thing.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sati's Story Boards

This was my Improved draft of my 1st Draft

This was my 4th verison of the First Draft

This was my first draft that I had done

This was just a mock draft