Saturday, March 18, 2006

Analysing "City of god" film charan :-)

At what point in the trailer are we told the name of the film ? why is this?

We are told 20 seconds in to the trailer.The reason why this is because first you get see some clips of the movie which gets the audience attention.

why are we told who is starring in the film? How is this infomation givien to us ? why?

In this tralier we are not told who is starring in this film because the actors are not as famous as
george clooney or Brad pitt.

what type of action from the film do we see?

We see many different types of actions in the trailer we see gangwarefare .sexual images also diffrent types of actors who are acting a diffrent role for example a gangster and a victum

what clues douse the music give us as what type of film the trailer is advertising ?

There is diffrent types of music threw out the trailer but they all have the same beat which is fast and exiting just like brazilian culture.

what can you say about the voice of the person deleivering the voice over? why do you think this voice was chosen? what effect douse it have?

I think the person giving the voice over is very good he makes you wont to watch the film he,s voice is very deep but powerful and he can easily make any film more exiting then it orginaly was.

How douse the speed of what we see compare to watching a clip from a film?why is this? douse the speed alter through the trailer or stay the same?

The speed of the trailer definately changes. In the begining of the trailer the clips are very fast and as the music becomes faster so douse the movie clips .

what infomation are we givien in the very last frame of the trailer?

In the very last frame of the trailer we are givien the title of the movie which is "city of god ".

which is more effective in making you want to see the film,the poster or the trailer?why is this?

I think the trailer would be more effective because the trailer as more infomation and is more exiting then a poster.

where would you suspect to see this trailer

I would suspect to see this tralier in between television programmes because this movie is an art house movie and not a hollywood movie.So this movie would first need to get more attention with the wider art house audience.


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